Artcher is a public relations agency with a focus on corporate communications and public affairs.

Corporate communications & Social issues

Artcher is a communications and public affairs agency with a strong experience in key strategic sectors : energy, agriculture, tech, real estate, manufacturing and defense.

Beyond corporate communications and lobbying, Artcher is recognised for its ability to figure out social issues and manage sensitive topics (tech sovereignty, food independence, social tensions, energy transition, financial or non-governmental activism).

Global influence strategies

Artcher designs and implements global influence strategies that combine content production, media relations, public affairs and social media management.

Media relations: pitch & key messages; press kit; press release; drafting of opinion pieces; roadshow with key journalists; press conference and media training.

Public Affairs: monitoring of political agenda; advocacy; mapping of public decision-makers: Government and ministerial cabinets, administrations, National Assembly, Senate, Regional Councils, Departmental Councils, intercommunity; roadshow with key decision makers.

Social Media: Brand visibility and thought leadership strategies; content production, community management, sponsoring campaigns, activation of influencers

Strategic advice top executives

Artcher guides top executives to enhance their public image (speech, personal branding, media training, internal communication, management of social media) and to strengthen their thought leadership (networking with key politicians, intellectuals and journalists, publication of op-ed, talks in high-level conferences).


Artcher designs social media strategies to increase audience and engagement on the main platforms Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram : editorial planning, content production (posts, video, GIFs, infographics, motion design), community management, engagement with influencers and sponsoring campaigns.


Artcher has extensive experience and recognised know-how in crisis management (industrial accident, cyber-attack, governance issue, defamation campaign, takeover bids, lay-off plan) and communications under judicial constraint (criminal complaint, investigation procedure and indictment, court hearing). 

Most consultants are former lawyers and have a unique expertise in civil, criminal and administrative law, as well as in international arbitration. We work closely with judicial journalists and reporters. The agency can also deploy activist communications on specific topics.


Artcher provides tailor-made support. Communications actions are embedded into the core strategy of companies to nurture the business development (brand image, marketing and sales support, relations with stakeholders, employer branding).

Artcher’s strength relies on building efficient communications strategies, that combine the best monitoring and digital technologies, with a comprehensive approach to our clients’ issues. We always analyze corporate and business issues in the light of the social and political context

In a world overwhelmed by information and misinformation, we remain convinced that only culture, perspective and relevant messages can reach out to overconnected individuals.

Timothée Gaget, founder of Artcher